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February 10, 2015  |   by Admin

One of the major causes of leaks and flooding in the Las Vegas Valley is a leaking pipe under the foundation of the house, commonly referred to as a “slab leak.” Slab leaks are frequently linked to construction defects that occurred when the home was built. Other common causes of slab leaks result from the pipe under the foundation being deteriorated on the outside by the harsh Las Vegas soil, and from the inside by the chemicals and impurities in the Las Vegas water. Other conditions, such as electrolysis, or another phenomenon known as de-zincafication, can contribute to cause slab leaks. An expert Precision Plumbing technician will evaluate your situation and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to resolve the problem.

Slab leaks, while a common problem, are also one of most expensive and frequently mis-diagnosed problems in Las Vegas. Slab leaks most commonly occur on the hot water lines, and although more rare, cold water slab leaks do occur. The professionals at Precision Plumbing have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and verify slab leaks, including leak detection equipment and line location devices that can pinpoint the source of leaks and the precise location and depth of pipes. To schedule a free, no-hassle estimate, call 702-253-6363


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