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How to Tell if Your Main Sewer Line is Clogged

October 8, 2020  |   by Admin

Your plumbing is one of the most important parts of your home although you may not think about it unless you are having problems with it. When your main sewer line becomes clogged, it is important to get help as fast as possible to prevent problems from getting worse. Be on the lookout for warning signs that will let you know that you have a serious problem, and then get professional assistance from a plumber you can trust.

Strange Noises Coming from Your Drains

Clogged sewer lines stop waste from draining safely away from your property. If you hear strange gurgling noises coming from your drains, you may have a sewer line clog that needs to be checked out. Be on the lookout for unusual sounds when you flush your toilet or use your sink.

Main Sewer Line is Clogged

Multiple Issues at the Same Time

If you notice that multiple places in your home are backing up at the same time, it is time to call in professionals for plumbing repair services. When you have a problem with sewage backing up in your toilet and possibly even your shower or other drains, you definitely have a big problem that professionals can resolve.

Bad Odors

A bad odor coming from your drain system or places like your basement can let you know that you need to contact an expert. This type of problem will need professional assistance if sewage is not moving away from your home the way it should be.

Backed Up Sewer Clean Out

If your sewer clean out has sewage in it, this is a big sign that you have a clogged main line. When you see this type of problem, it is important to get assistance right away.

Why Does Your Sewer Line Get Clogged

There are many reasons why your main sewer line may get clogged. If you notice warning signs like hearing strange noises from your drains, having multiple drain issues at the same time, bad odors, or a backed up sewer clean out, you definitely need to find out what is going on with your plumbing system. You could be dealing with a tree root that has grown into your sewer line, or you may inappropriate items like thick paper towels or feminine hygiene products stuck in your line causing problems. If you think that you have a main sewer line clog, be sure to get help as fast as possible. Contact Precision Plumbing for fast and reliable help today.

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