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October 13, 2014  |   by Admin

Sewer gas can not only be offensive and annoying, but also deadly. If you smell sewer gas it is recommended that you call a professional plumber, such as Precision Plumbing, to diagnose and repair the problem. There are many conditions that can cause sewer gas odor, ranging from cracked vent pipes in your wall, to improperly installed and vented appliances, to improperly installed and adjusted heating and cooling systems.

If you have a sewer gas odor coming from your shower, especially a shower that is not regularly used, the most likely reason would be that the trap is dry. This is a common problem in guest baths due to infrequent use. The water in the trap can slowly evaporate without regular use of the shower, thereby permitting sewer gas to rise into the house. The simple solution, in that situation, is to run your shower every few weeks to keep some water in the trap. If that fails to correct the problem, Precision Plumbing will be happy to send a technician out to give you a free, no-obligation estimate. To schedule a free, no-obligation estimate, call the Precision Plumbing 24-Hour Dispatch Center at 702-253-6363


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